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The Aswang Trilogy

I started writing a book called “A Bend in the Road,” in 2011. It was a┬álove story that I wasn’t able to finish. I thought that it lacked something. Early 2012, I thought of an idea for a book–an evil possession story that I called “The Ancient Battle.” I wrote it for two years. I remember struggling a lot since I didn’t know how to write. Then I quit my job and decided to focus on writing. I worked as a freelance writer and it helped me become a better storyteller.

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Anonymous Blog Site

It’s a beautiful and quiet night. I saw the date of my last entry and realized that I haven’t written anything for a few months already. Sorry, I was busy with so many things. Life can be crazy–and it’s not even the beautiful and romantic “crazy.” Oh hey, I thought about creating an anonymous blog earlier. You know, the kind where you can write anything and not be chastised for it because the author of the blogs is, well, anonymous… Yeah, but I didn’t go through with it. I decided that I didn’t need to–that’s what journals are for, I guess. But, just imagine the sheer joy of saying all those things… Ha ha ha!