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My Safe Haven

Life is tough, and it’s too short to harbor sadness, confusions, and disappointments. It’s important to always find a safe place. A place where one can recharge and reflect. Unfortunately, such a place can be difficult to find. The world is full of chaos and people who exist only to inflict pain on others. This is what I want to write about in this entry–how I was able to find this “place,” this “safe haven” where I can be myself. Read more


The Sound of Rain

People love to romanticize the process of writing, but in reality, it is hard work. It takes a lot of discipline and determination. Sometimes, writers even have to squeeze the words out–contrary to what other people think that words always come out like water from a faucet. Don’t get me wrong, there is a delicious joy in writing, and part of it is when words are hard to find. I have a favorite trick whenever this happens to me, and I’d like to share it with you.

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Lucky and Loving It

It’s a quiet Friday night. I’m in bed, reading the book that inspired me to become a writer. I also just finished the word count needed for the day. I have nothing more to do now but enjoy the book in my hand. Then I realized how lucky I am… I feel lucky to do the things that I love–and get paid for it.

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How I Started Writing

I grew up painfully shy. I hated people. I hated strangers. I developed an idea that strangers are nasty. In return, I hated school. It was a pain to go to school every day and see hundreds of students I didn’t know. Some may find that unimaginable, but that is the truth. I was also bullied in school. Bullies are like sharks, they can smell fear from a mile away. And no matter how hard I tried to hide, they always managed to find me.

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