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Posts from the ‘Reflections’ Category

Lucky and Loving It

It’s a quiet Friday night. I’m in bed, reading the book that inspired me to become a writer. I also just finished the word count needed for the day. I have nothing more to do now but enjoy the book in my hand. Then I realized how lucky I am… I feel lucky to do the things that I love–and get paid for it.

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How I Started Writing

I grew up painfully shy. I hated people. I hated strangers. I developed an idea that strangers are nasty. In return, I hated school. It was a pain to go to school every day and see hundreds of students I didn’t know. Some may find that unimaginable, but that is the truth. I was also bullied in school. Bullies are like sharks, they can smell fear from a mile away. And no matter how hard I tried to hide, they always managed to find me.

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