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Lucky and Loving It

It’s a quiet Friday night. I’m in bed, reading the book that inspired me to become a writer. I also just finished the word count needed for the day. I have nothing more to do now but enjoy the book in my hand. Then I realized how lucky I am… I feel lucky to do the things that I love–and get paid for it.

When I was a child, I dreamed of becoming a doctor. And then, I realized that it wasn’t for me. I simply wasn’t built for it. I gave up the dream even before graduating from elementary. In high-school, I remember thinking of becoming a pilot, but someone told me that I needed to be very good in math to become one. You see, I hated math, so I gave up that dream. I then wanted to become a teacher, but my parents weren’t very enthusiastic about it, so I gave that one up as well. Next thing I knew, I needed to enter a college or a university.  I remember being at lost. No one guided through the process. I wanted to take up architecture, but there was my math problem again, so I ended up choosing interior designing–foolishly thinking the course would only require me to study how to decorate interior spaces. I was wrong of course. Aside from math, I realized that I wasn’t flexible enough to work on a design with other people–clients. I have formal tastes, and I hated modern and contemporary designs. I enjoyed the course immensely, but I knew early on that I wouldn’t be a very successful interior designer. A few years after graduation, I entered the call center industry. I ended up working there for more than twelve years.

In 2014, I needed a change. I wasn’t enjoying work like I used to. I remember one night, I was so stressed up, that I just had to pause. That same moment, I discovered my hair was falling off. I had to quit. I had to stop.

Then I decided to pursue something that had been at the back of mind for the longest time. I wanted to write–for a living. It was a scary moment… To turn your back on everything and pursue something so unpopular… But, I chose to believe in myself, to give myself a chance. That decision led me to this beautiful night.

It’s an answered prayer. I used to ask God what I was made to do… And to lead me there. I believe, with all my heart and soul, that I’m finally there. I found what I was made to do. I wish I can describe it, but words will only make it seem ordinary, so I won’t even attempt. Let me put it this way, I feel like I’m finally home. Wherever I may be, I know that I’m inside a place within myself where I could flourish and create beautiful things. I don’t even have to try very hard because everything seems very natural for me.

Let me end this article by wishing everyone that same joy and contentment that I’m feeling this moment. I’ve only begun the journey, there would be failures and setbacks, but I don’t mind at all. Now that I found my place in life, no one and nothing can kick me out.

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